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Vulnerable Populations
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Volunteer services for neighbourhood

Abedelhadi Shajrawi, Amna Hijjawi, Alaa Abu Shawish, Waheed Rumaneh


As many countries apply the Quarantine for all or some people, the students' school and elderly people are recommended not to leave home, we got an idea to allow young people to volunteer and help these two segments.

What it does

The platform allows people to help each other, anyone can submit a request for help, or a request to attend an interactive classes online.

The volunteers can view the requests and serve the other neighbors

How we built it

We have developed a mobile application, everyone can register with the application, then we will detect the location using google services, the user can submit a request for service or to volunteer,

Each volunteers will find all requests that locate in their area, we recommend the volunteer to serve the neighbors only, this way we could protect the volunteer to move between areas and long distance, Also, parents can send a request on behalf of their children, they can request an online class for some topics and some other volunteer teachers can create a class and teach a group of students using some other interactive classrooms like Zoom or Microsoft teams.

Challenges we ran into

The main challenges we are facing is finding a support for online courses, the teachers and students attend classes using a third party platform for free like the basic account in zoom, but if we can find a platform to make these classes longer it will be better.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud that we have done this project in a very short time. We have deployed this project in Jordan and we can find impact of people that are using it.

What we learned

We should try to do the best to help each other, this virus is effecting everybody in globe and we should do the best to protect and serve each other.

What's next for Nashmi service

We need to continue support the idea, Also we need to create a Learning Management system for students and continue to update the apps based on peoples' feedback.

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A project from #BuildforCOVID19

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