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A Lite version of Handzap Mobile App, particularly customized to enable people to freely and powerfully request help or lend hand to their fellow neighbors and friends during the COVID-19 outbreak.

Mel Haddad


Living in a neighbourhood with a high population of elderly, I see and can feel the need for a handy and user-friendly mobile platform for people to request help or lend hand to their fellow neighbors, friends and citizens. The recent COVID-19 pandemic leaves many seniors vulnerable in the rural and remote communities, many children of our frontline workers unattended, many students stuck with their learning and thousands of us unable to volunteer or assist those who might be nearby. Thus, we re-customized Handzap, our existing platform, to gives people the opportunity to connect and stand together.

What it does

It is simply connecting volunteers who want to connect and/or help neighbours and people nearby who might be affected by the current lockdown with anything they need while most of the ordinary businesses and transportation methods are shutdown.

How I built it

It is a re-customization for our existing Handzap App, recently released and available on Google Play and Apple App Store.

Challenges I ran into

Time. We started earlier this week the process of re-customization to provide even simpler and unsophisticated version (Handzap Lite) and were able to finalize it for both Android and iOS and currently submitted, pending approval.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Our highly efficient, yet simply Messaging Platform, Erlang Based XMPP and Voice/Video Calls quality and anonymity to protect users’ privacy.

What's next for Handzap Lite

Currently submitted, pending approval from the App Stores (Google/Apple) to be launched on scale.

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A project from #BuildforCOVID19

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