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The platform aims to help enterprises overcome the difficulties in recruitment and people find jobs after the COVID-19 outbreak.

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During the Chinese New Year, many cities were forced to close and traffic between cities was blocked as COVID-19 was raging in China. A large number of people were unable to return to their companies and plenty of enterprises were forced to shut down due to staff not being able to come to work. Meanwhile, numerous people's livelihoods ensuring enterprises and medical supply production enterprises are urgently in need of more employees to increase production capacity to alleviate the shortage of medical supplies and support the basic lives of ordinary people.


What it does

Therefore, we created the “Flex-in” and launched a “shared employee” plan to enable enterprises that are forced to shut down to share employees with enterprises that are urgently in need to reduce the burden on shutdown enterprises and help work resumption of enterprises in urgent need and improve their production capacity. In the meantime, individuals who are out of business can also view the recruitment needs of their cities through our app and find nearby employment quickly. Also, We also actively responded to the Shenzhen Baoan District Government's call for "plan in advance, investigate in advance, and promote work resumption of enterprises in advance" and quickly launched the online recruitment session to exert all our strength to promote online remote contactless interviews.

因此,我们打造了“自由薪”灵活用工平台,推出了“共享员工”计划,让被迫歇业的企业与用工迫切的企业进行临时的员工共享,减轻歇业企业的负担,帮助用工迫切的企业复工复产、提高产能。同时被歇业的个人,也可以通过我们的应用查看所在城市的用人需求,就近快速入职。 同时,我们还积极响应深圳市宝安区政府“早谋划、早调研、早部署推动企业复工复产”的号召,快速启动网络招聘专场,全力推动线上远程无接触面试。

How I built it

Enterprises can submit the requirements of shared employees or employee recruitment through the "Flex-in". We will help enterprises match and display the unmatched recruitment requirements in the app after review. Job seekers can view the information and specific positions of recruiting enterprises on the platform and apply directly. The information of applicants will be sent to the recruiting company's HR for remote contactless interviews via phone video.

企业可以通过“自由薪”灵活用工平台提交共享员工或者招募员工的需求,审核通过后,我们会帮助企业之间进行匹配,同时将无法匹配的招募需求展示在应用中。 求职者可以在平台上查看招工企业的信息和具体岗位,可以直接进行报名。求职者报名信息会发送给招募企业的HR,通过电话视频进行远程无接触面试。

Challenges I ran into

In response to the Shenzhen Baoan District Government's call for "plan in advance, investigate in advance, and promote work resumption of enterprises in advance", we completed the connection of requirements and information release of 90 enterprises within 48 hours.


Accomplishments that I'm proud of

After the "Flex-in" was launched, an online recruitment session was opened for nearly 90 enterprises in Shenzhen Baoan District that involved 467 positions and 19,667 people within 48 hours. The number of visitors on the day of the launch exceeded 100,000 and 800 more people were added to the talent pool.


What I learned

When enterprises worrying about recruiting while a large number of people being unemployed, it lacks efficient, intelligent and precise channels between them. We should contribute our strength as Internet-related practitioners.


What's next for Flex-in

We intend to further upgrade the application to aim at the flexible recruitment market, provide more complete and intelligent services, and solve the problems of enterprise recruitment difficulties and employment difficulties of job seekers in order to assist enterprises in work resumption and individuals in finding employment quickly and contribute to economic recovery.


Team members

Business:Zhou Bin,Zhang Guanghe,Chang Junhui,Cao Yang,Wu Haiping. Operations:Zhang Xiaohong,Wu Junling,Yan Yi. PM:Wang Jingya. UI:Wei Zongfei,Guo Ruigang,Qian Ming. Development:Tao Weibo,Guo Xuefei,Li Jianzhen,Shen Xue,Shi Hongjian,Zhou Zhijun.

商务及商务支持:周斌、张广河、常军辉、曹阳、吴海萍 运营:张小红、邬俊玲、严翼 产品:王静雅 UI:魏宗飞、郭瑞刚、钱明 研发:陶伟波、郭学飞、李建振、沈雪、施洪建、周之君

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